Apartment in Bucharest

The young couple who bought this three bedroom apartment was a little unconventional in the way they wanted to furnish it...
Apartment in Bucharest

First of all they wanted to open the living room by removing the door to the vestibule and enlarging the opening. They also wanted a purple feature wall and a full-wall bookcase. We agreed to use wallpaper behind the sectional, to create a contrast that will nicely bring out its modern shape. As opposed to the tall, albeit minimalistic, bookcase, the rest of the furniture is low and simple.

The main feature in the kitchen is the sink under the window, which is a very unconventional choice for old apartment buildings. We found a folding kitchen tap, that allows the window to open, and shifted the rest of the appliances towards the door. A false plasterboard beam would hide the hood’s exhaust. To maximize the usable space, the kitchen’s original door was replaced with a sliding door.

The master bedroom features only a king sized bed and a dresser with a mirror, while the wardrobe was moved in the hall, designed as built-in cabinets. I used wallpaper to create a “shell” around the headboard, which gives a sense of intimacy and coziness. In fact wallpaper is like a theme in this apartment, as it is present in most rooms. I designed two solutions for the wardrobe, one with regular doors and one with sliding doors, both of which have wallpaper covered elements.

While both bathrooms are small, the toilet room is particularly tiny, all the more so as we had to hide all the plumbing with plasterboard. Because the owners wanted wallpaper opposite the mirror, I used a large mirror to enhance the room and emphasize the feature wall.

To complete the clean, modern look of the apartment, instead of the usual curtains, we chose curtain panels for the rooms and roll up shades for the kitchen.

Living - picture 1
Living - picture 2
Living - picture 3
Living - picture 4
Living - picture 5
Kitchen - picture 1
Kitchen - picture 2
Kitchen - picture 3
Bedroom - picture 1
Bedroom - picture 2
Bedroom - picture 3
Bedroom - picture 4
Bedroom - picture 5
Bathroom - picture 1
Bathroom - picture 2
Bathroom - picture 3
Flamingo dressing
Flamingo dressing compartimentation
Flamingo dressing gliss
Flamingo dressing gliss semi
Flamingo dressing gliss compartimentation
Vestibule - picture 1
Vestibule - picture 2
Toilet - picture 1
Toilet - picture 2
The apartment plan

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Apartment in Bucharest