Furniture brochure

Pictures for a small brochure featuring the most successful projects of a custom high-quality furniture producer
Furniture brochure

One of the furniture producers I used to work with needed a small brochure featuring their most successful projects. Given that they did not manufacture serial furniture and from lack of proper pictures, they asked me to recreate some of their projects. I was handed the original drawings, but was given a lot of freedom in choosing the colour palette, modelling the environment and creating the mood that, in my opinion, would best suit each particular case. Besides the rendered images, I also prepared the actual brochure for printing: text, graphic concept and lay-out.

Being able to work on this project from concept to final brochure was an amazing opportunity and a great learning curve.

Living Elements 2 (brochure front cover)
Kitchen Sunset
Kitchen Grace - 1
Kitchen Grace - 2
Kitchen Iris
Kitchen Loft
Kitchen Vogue
Kitchen Mini
Kitchen Graphite
Kitchen Woodstock
Kitchen Dune
Kitchen Ruby
Bedroom Tres Chic - 1
Bedroom Tres Chic - 2
Bedroom Terra
Bedroom Passion - 1
Bedroom Passion - 2
Bedroom Passion - 3
Bedroom Adore
Bedroom Natura
Bedroom Osaka
Bedroom Aurora - 1
Bedroom Aurora - 2
Teen Room Spice - 1
Teen Room Spice - 2
Teen Room Luca
Kids Room Play
Kids Room Kitty - 1
Kids Room Kitty - 2
Living City
Living Elements - 1
Living Elements - 3 (brochure back cover)
Living Balance
Dressing Donna
Dressing Tereza
Dressing Diva - 1
Dressing Diva - 2
Dressing Spazio - 2
Dressing Spazio - 2A
Dressing Spazio - 2B
Dressing Spazio - 3A
Dressing Spazio - 3B
Coat Hanger Minimo - 1
Coat Hanger Minimo - 2
Coat Hanger Minimo - 3
Coat Hanger Quadro - 1
Coat Hanger Quadro - 2
Coat Hanger Quadro - 3

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Furniture brochure