House near Bucharest

One of the earliest interior design projects. The house, located in the residential complex "Green Paradise" in Corbeanca near Bucharest, was in the shell stage when we took over the project.
House near Bucharest

The ground floor was designed as a semi-open space, with kitchen and dining area visually communicating with the living area, which is developed around the fireplace. Given the amount of space, the sitting area was divided into a conversation area and a TV watching area, separated by a movable room divider. The fireplace, which opens on two sides, acts as both a focal point and a separator between the sitting area and the study. The owners desired an aired space, with low pieces of furniture. The decorations were kept at a minimum, with wallpaper accents serving as wall decorations and lots of houseplants that give the place a cozy feel.

The first floor hosts the bedrooms and main bathrooms. The generous master bedroom was designed as a suite, with its own walk-in dressing and an impressive bathroom. A challenging roof structure due to changes in the project during construction phase resulted in a quite interesting solution for the ceiling, best seen in the master bedroom, where it has been emphasized through the use of wallpaper. A king size bed in the middle of the room was the particular request of the owners. The guest room was furnished with only the necessary fittings, while the child room was left for future decorating. Here, too, accessories were kept at a minimum.

All the furniture was custom designed after the clients’ specifications. Simple shapes and light, neutral colours were used to avoid cluttering the space.

Kitchen and Dining
Living - picture 1
Living - picture 2
Living - picture 3
Living - picture 4
Living - picture 5
Living and Dining
Dining - picture 2
Living and Study
Master bathroom - picture 1
Master bathroom - picture 2
Master bathroom - picture 3
Master bathroom - picture 4
Master bedroom - picture 1
Master bedroom - picture 2
Master bedroom - picture 3
Toilet - picture 1
Toilet - picture 2
Ground floor plan
First floor plan
Bed - guests bedroom
Bed - master bedroom

The following pictures were taken shortly after the owners moved in, but they were still working on the details and some of the furniture hadn’t been purchased yet.

Real picture - 01
Real picture - 02
Real picture - 03
Real picture - 04
Real picture - 05
Real picture - 06
Real picture - 07
Real picture - 08
Real picture - 09
Real picture - 10
Real picture - 11
Real picture - 12
Real picture - 13
Real picture - 14
Real picture - 15
Real picture - 16
Real picture - 17
Real picture - 18
Real picture - 19
Real picture - 20
Real picture - 21
Real picture - 22
Real picture - 23
Real picture - 24
Real picture - 25
Real picture - 26
Real picture - 27
Real picture - 28
Real picture - 29
Real picture - 30

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House near Bucharest