Northern odyssey

The previous project excited me so much that I set myself to explore the different possibilities of organizing a small space...
Northern odyssey

The “Yummy green“ studio seemed like the perfect subject for the exercise, since I already had a solution for it.

I greatly admire modern Scandinavian (interior) design, not only for its ability to blend beauty and creativity with practicality, but also for its sheer boldness. I took inspiration from it when I designed this layout that displays a regular bed. IKEA’s Kivik sofa, with its small, one person modules is a great choice for narrow places and the stool can be used as either a seat or a table. The wardrobe, media center and other storage cabinets have been combined in one large, compact wall unit, while the balcony has been turned into a private play-and-work space. The parapet separating the balcony from the rest of the room received a tabletop for meals or drinks. Additional storage can be found underneath the bed.

Dominated by white, northern interiors, particularly Swedish, are pigmented with bright, saturated colours and large texture prints. It’s a great way to turn your living space from dull to exciting and inspirational.

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Northern odyssey