Partial apartment renovation

Partial renovation of a 2BR apartment for a a young couple with a busy life, who love to read, ski, play tennis and computer games.
Partial apartment renovation

The owners of this two bedroom apartment are a young couple with a busy life, who love to read, ski, play tennis and computer games. They wanted to refresh the look of their home and bring some much needed improvements. Their main focus was on the living room and the two bedrooms, where the furniture was worn out and inappropriate for their current needs. With storage space being the main issue, the redecoration revolved around (re)organizing the space and designing the furniture after very clear specifications from the clients.

The living room was dedicated to the entertainment. I replaced the old, bulky bookcase with a low full-length wall unit that accommodates an impressive collection of movies and games, with dedicated spaces for speakers, computer and gaming consoles. It was completed with a tall cabinet for tableware and small suspended cabinets that provide additional space for DVDs. The strip of wallpaper is the only wall decoration and serves as a focal point.

The main bedroom being quite small, the focus was on maximizing the storage through simple, yet efficient design.The tall mirror enhances the space, while the pale, silky wallpaper subtly reflects the light, adding elegance and warmth to the room.

The second bedroom is the smallest of all and was designed to serve as a study room that doubles as a guest room. The shelves make room for their collection of books, while the cabinets have dedicated storage spaces for their entire ski and tennis equipment, roller shoes and other outdoor accessories. The small expandable sofa can be used as occasional guest bed.

Living - picture 1
Living - picture 2
Living - picture 3
Master bedroom - picture 1
Master bedroom - picture 2
Master bedroom - picture 3
Master bedroom - picture 4
Second bedroom - picture 1
Second bedroom - picture 2
Second bedroom - picture 3
Second bedroom - picture 4

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Partial apartment renovation