Refreshing studio decoration

This project was part of a presentation for a new apartment building in Bucharest. The owner chose to elaborate this studio because of its particular shape that could have seemed more difficult to furnish.
Refreshing studio decoration

I had in mind a young couple when I chose the decorating style. The kitchen and bathroom were to be provided by the builder, so my focus was on the actual living space.

With a surface of about 23 sqm, it was large enough to allow for two separate areas: a small living room and a sleeping area. I chose this approach as an alternate solution for those who dislike the chore of folding up the bed every morning. By putting the bed next to the windows and using a mobile partition between it and the sitting area, I offered the possibility of separating the sleeping area, creating a private and cozy resting space. I used sliding curtain panels as room divider, to allow natural light to flow into both spaces and avoid narrowing the space too much. This also gives the chance to open the room completely, if wanted.

In the end, the project goes to show that even in a studio one can have the comfort and benefits of a regular apartment, only on a smaller scale, if the space is managed properly.

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The floor plan

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Refreshing studio decoration