Students dorm room design

Competition project to design a standard dorm room for 4 architecture students...
Students dorm room design

The theme of this contest was designing a standard dorm room for 4 architecture students. We were suppose to create modular furniture pieces to combine at least 2 functions: sleeping and study, sleeping and storage or study and storage, plus a dining area, all within a 2,000 EUR budget (materials only), which had to be detailed. We had to choose between 4 rooms (each from a different city) according to our geographical location. Although this was the largest room of the four (24 sqm), my aim was to design a standard framework on which it is possible to build solutions for different/smaller rooms as well.

“College is about three things: homework, fun, and sleep… but you can only choose two”. I liked this quote, but I wanted to create the environment that would enable the students to pick all three.

Picture 1
Picture 2
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Bed structure
Plan - picture 1
Plan - picture 2
Picture 8
Picture 8 with additional filters
Picture 9
Picture 9 with additional filters
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Students dorm room design