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Based on my extensive experience in interior design, 3D modeling and visualization, and a network of top-level professional partners skilled in architectural drawings, photography, image post-processing, and even web design and development, I am offering the following services:

Interior Design

To ensure a successful design that suits client demands, my projects consist of building 3D models based on architectural blueprints provided by the client and/or my own measurements of the space, completed with photorealistic renderings that help with the process of developing the design and, in the end, provide an accurate image of the finished product. Depending on the clients' wishes I can also provide assistance with contractors and with the purchase of different products (such as furniture, lighting, accessories, etc.) and also assistance during the execution process.

3D Modeling & Visualization

3D visualization is a significant part of my work. Aside from its' purpose of developing and illustrating the design ideas, it is a form of art in itself and I continuously work to make it more and more realistic. All the images on this website were commissioned by customers or are part of my own personal projects.

Furniture Design

Every project is unique and, more often than not, dimensional or functional constraints require custom furnishing. With previous experience in a company producing custom furniture from melamine faced chipboard, I'm also designing furniture (kitchen cabinets, wall units, bedroom furniture, dressing units, auxiliary furniture, etc.), either as part of an interior project or as a standalone project.

Digital Graphics & Web Development

As part of my creative process, I'm also producing graphic elements and compositions for interior decorating purposes, presentation and catalogue layouts, logo design, banner design, websites and web application development.

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